Articlekevo Submitting Software Review

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With the current de-indexing trends of many blogging sites which have been in use by major search engines that support article marketing, it is needless to say that one needs to use a wide variety of top-ranking article directories. ArticleKevo, commonly known as the AKV software, is one of the applications which can offer satisfactory service to marketers who need to undertake both bulky and light submissions to various article directories.

Features of AKV submission software

There are a number of features that are making AKV to be article marketers’ favorite software. Top on the list is the wide range of article directories that the AKV has the capacity to submit to. The software presents a list of over 1000 directories that you can use, some of which have been very efficient in driving traffic yet many users are not familiar with to date. The user may also select the article directories that he wants to submit the articles to quite easily.

AKV has also proved to possess perfect automation

AKV has also proved to possess perfect automation that transforms the cumbersome article submission experience into a few clicks activity. For instance, you will never be nagged by the tedious captcha filling activities as the software undertakes the captcha filling hassle on your behalf by collaborating with authorized captcha solving sites. The software farther extends its ease of use through easy filling procedures that is facilitated by a unique pre-populate button. After you fill in the email address of a given account and its associated password , pressing the pre-populate button will leave all other fields filled up ranging from first name, last name, contact address, website urls and all other fields presented on the dashboard.

Extending the author account limits to the inexhaustible capacity

AKV has also won a good reputation among many users by extending the author account limits to inexhaustible capacity, making it better than other similar software. Additionally, this software enables its users to submit all articles at once or on preset basis, like in every 24 hours. You will also have an easy time while submitting your stuff to various article directories since the software has a “Sign up to directory and Confirm emails” feature which confirms all emails sent from all directories on the list on your behalf.

AKV software is highly compatible

AKV software is highly compatible with major operating systems such as XP, Vista and Window 7, all of which reap an upper hand among many PC owners around the globe. Upon installation of the software, it will display a highly interactive interface which is well laid out to ensure that the user gets an easy time while using it.

Rule of one computer per subscription

The software however attracts a small subscription fee so as to unleash all the features associated with it and uses the rule of one computer per subscription. Nevertheless, a single payment is enough to give you a life time service without having to renew your subscription. This onetime payment will not lock you out of any performance updates which may be made since the software works through online means. By so doing, you will be receiving services of the software with its latest developments without the need of another subscription.
Over time, AKV has shown great reliability and efficiency and despite the small subscription fee that it attracts, it will yields highly commendable service that is satisfactory.

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