125 Miles From Home and I Left My iPhone on the Train

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Professional photoshoot company

Ever since my early teens I have always wanted to be a photographer, through High School I was always known for taking photos of everyone and everything. I wanted to study art at university and set up a professional photoshoot company, but my parents and school persuaded me to study business with a couple of foreign languages thrown in.

I ended up doing really well at university, ending up with a good high-paying job in the City of London. About five years into the job I decided I still wanted to follow and pick up on my photography dream, so that’s what I did in the early part of 2008.

Photograph weddings,

I’m not quite sure how or why but I wanted to photograph weddings, I felt it to be a fairly profitable area if I could only shoot two or three good weddings and get the results featured in the right wedding magazines, I would be well on the way to getting up and running.

Nobody was going to employ a novice for their big day without references and a glowing portfolio, so there was nothing for it, I had to do some free work to start a portfolio, I did this by offering the friend of a friend who was getting married my services for free.

This was no small wedding;

It was at an exclusive venue in the forest of dean, some 130 miles from London. Photography equipment packed lovingly away, I took a train to Gloucester, then a Taxi into The Forest of Dean, and this was the point where things started to go wrong!

When I got in the Taxi, I told the driver roughly where I wanted to go, he asked if I had the postcode, I reached in my pocket for my iPhone, where I had all the venue details safely stored. This is when I went cold, my iPhone was missing, I had left it on the coffee table on the train, I got the driver to turn round and rush back to the station, but it was too late, the train had gone, along with my iPhone Insurance no claims bonus and more importantly my iPhone!

Lost my iPhone

The Taxi Driver was great; he got me to the wedding venue from my vague description of the address and was more than happy for me to make use of his phone, so I could let people know I had lost my iPhone. The driver told me that in the past year he had 4 separate iPhones left in his cab. I was the fifth, luckily, I had iPhone insurance cover, but that still will not be losing all that data I had stored forever.

My iPhone Insurance

The wedding photos all went fine and the newlyweds were impressed with the pictures and look great in my portfolio. As for the iPhone, which was all sorted out within two days, luckily my iPhone Insurance cover included a rapid 48-hour replacement service, but I had lost all my data as I had not backed it up, I shall learn from that mistake.

I did three more weddings over the summer months, all of them a complete success and looking great in my portfolio, more importantly, the word-of-mouth recommendations started spreading and it was not long before I got my first fully paid wedding booking! I found after my first booking it seemed to open the flood gates as I now have half of my weekends for 2009 booked up, which is just great!

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