I Ditched Cable for Dish Network

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Cable for Dish Network

Dish Network serves up good choices. Because of my job, I’m required to move around a lot. It gets a bit tedious, but at this stage in life, I’ve been able to pare down my essential worldly belongings to whatever fits in a mini-van and stored the rest of my stuff in my sister’s barn. My assignments are usually anywhere between nine and fifteen months long, so it’s too long a time to stay in a motel, yet too short a time to buy a house. So I usually look for a short-term lease. Plus, I am usually assigned to out-of-the-way locations which are at least an hour’s drive from metropolitan areas. Because my living accommodations are my responsibility, I want to keep my expenses to a minimum. But I also want to make sure that my television viewing experiences are not interrupted by my moves.

I love my TV and am a TV junkie! Since I’m never in a place long enough to establish roots, TV keeps me entertained and ensures that I’m not bored. In the early stages of my job, I subscribed to cable television, but after the first three moves, I realized that not all cable systems are created equal. In less than three years, I ended up with four different cable companies, all offering varying degrees of service, channel selections, and prices. I was often distressed to find that the cable company in my new community was nothing more than a mom-and-pop operation, with only the essential over-the-air channels being relayed to my house without the fuzz.

Satellite television service oF the Dish Network

Once, while at a conference, a friend of mine asked me why I didn’t consider satellite TV. I looked at him quizzically and he explained that satellite television would eliminate all of the problems that I had experienced up till now, with totally reliable service and the same programming options no matter where I moved. He suggested I look at Dish Network and gave me their Web address:  I vowed that I would check them out.

When I got back home, deadlines were looming and I put all my energy into finishing my current projects. But when a two-day cable outage totally isolated me from my favorite TV programs, I remembered my conversation about Dish Network and decided to give them a call. First of all, they answered the phone (which was more than my cable company did)! Secondly, they were totally professional. They explained the difference between my cable service and satellite TV. They asked me a lot of questions about my viewing habits, lifestyle, and preferences and reinforced that they could save me money while giving me more services! I realized that I was missing out on so many features and opportunities.

Dish Network also offers high-definition TV, which really sealed the deal for me. But even more importantly, they guaranteed that no matter where I moved, I would be able to take my Dish Network service with me. Whoopee! I would no longer miss my favorite programs. I was really excited about the possibilities but wanted to know exactly how much I’d have to pay for all of this great stuff.

Satellite television service:

After going over my options, I ordered my satellite television service on the spot. I would be saving more than $20 a month and my service and programming would be infinitely better! (It would be like comparing a Yugo with a Mercedes.) Dish Network said they could be there the next day. And they were waiting for any installation fee. I couldn’t wait. My cable was still out – and they still weren’t answering the phone! That experience was three months ago.

Satellite TV For The future method:

I have been a very happy Dish Network subscriber and am extremely happy with their choice of programs, the quality of the picture, the reliability of the company, and my monthly bill. I’m now getting high-definition TV (I got a new set for Christmas) and realize that I can add more features, including Internet and phone service. That’s something I may check out soon. If you’re still struggling with your cable TV provider, I would strongly urge that you contact Dish Network or visit them online at www.dishnetwork.com to get your questions answered. I’m a fairly new subscriber, but there is no way that I would go back to cable. Satellite TV is the future method of programming distribution, so why not get connected now and save money in the process? I did and I’m extremely happy!

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