Should You Buy an Mp3 Player or an iPod?

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Apple will be pulling out all the stops this year to make sure as many people as possible buy their range of iPods.Apple’s market-leading product has been updated again this year to give us even more choice than before. I’ve been collecting some thoughts on whether the iPod is indeed better than an MP3 player, and am putting them into this article below.

1:Who is this for and why?

What features are you looking for, and what are the benefits of each? Below are some of them:

Benefits of the MP3 Player

– Plays music files
– Usually cheaper
– Often larger capacity storage
– Some can play videos
– Supports a wide variety of music files


– Also plays music files
– Show pictures/videos
– Supports Apple compatible files via iTunes
It- Really easy to use
– Looks pretty cool!

Certainly, if you’re looking for the easiest product to use, then go for an iPod. Unfortunately, that ease of use comes at some price- iPods are typically more expensive than their standard MP3 counterparts. Many of the Cheapest portable MP3 Players are great fun but aren’t quite as easy to use as the iPod.

What about software?

People will tell you that using iTunes is annoying and difficult. In my opinion, iTunes does a few things very well, though it’s not the most flexible piece of software. In my opinion, iTunes is a little clumsy but does have some really nice features. But if my mother can work iTunes, then basically anyone can.

People dislike iTunes for a few good reasons.

iTunes takes up a lot of memory

iTunes doesn’t let you put music back from your iPod to your computer

It’s a pretty slow piece of software

An MP3 player can therefore offer you a more flexible software option since you can use Windows Explorer instead of iTunes. iTunes is possibly still easier to use than dragging and dropping files on Windows Explorer. You can also get around the iTunes problem by using another piece of software like Share pod.


Although most people think iPods look the best, don’t be mistaken! The other companies making MP3 players are catching up. But little can take away from the intuitive interface of the iPhone or Nano. So if you really want something quick and easy to use, plump for an iPod.


As I mentioned before, the Cheapest portable MP3 Players are going to be a helluva lot cheaper than an Apple product. The cost reflects the design and interface, rather than any really advanced features. In fact, some MP3 players have better features and more storage than the equivalent Apple product.

Other stuff to consider

Unfortunately, iPod headphones are notorious for breaking. It’s quite easy to buy replacements, but generally, the other manufacturers all churn out better headphones than Apple. I’d always go for a pair of Creative or Sennheiser phones than the ones that come with your iPod, they produce a much better sound. You should factor in the price of another pair of headphones if you’re going to opt for an iPod.

Final thoughts

Often, the Cheapest portable MP3 Players will have more storage and be more robust than an iPod. Otherwise, for an older relative or the design-focused, go for an iPod. What about me? I’ve used both and can honestly say that an iPod is an excellent investment, but it wasn’t exactly cheap! Let’s see if Apple carries on delivering the goods.

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