An Overview of Reseller Mobile Marketing Opportunities

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Mobile marketing

Mobile marketing is one of the hottest trends in the marketing world today. It’s a way for businesses to stay in contact with their prospects, customers, or client base, using the popular medium of text messaging (with the highest read-rate of any medium including TV) and mobile websites.

More and more people all over the world are beginning to use their phones as their primary link both to the internet and to each other. There are now substantially more cell phone users than internet users and the majority of those cell phone users are never away from their phone, 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week. This fact alone makes mobile marketing an incredible opportunity and a major source of interest for marketers who want to use mobile phones and text messaging as a platform to reach prospects and leads.

What does this have to do with you?

Because there is so much opportunity opening up in the mobile marketing industry, certain SMS marketing companies have decided to allow people to re-brand their software. Sms marketing companies offer white label solutions to empower entrepreneurs to use their technology, their support personnel, and their web interface to operate their own mobile marketing company for a nominal fee. The entrepreneur is backed by high-quality service and training and is enabled to completely re-brand and resell the original company’s mobile marketing platform.

So why the mobile marketing industry?

In these increasingly tough economic times, businesses are finding they need to be connected to their customers more than ever. Old means of staying in touch with customers have begun to fall through. Appointment-based businesses that send fliers to their clients’ mail are getting a dismal response. Restaurants offering paper coupons rarely find the coupons that are redeemed. Old mediums of staying in touch with a client base, or a list of active buyers, are becoming outmoded. The solution is mobile marketing. By using mobile text messaging businesses can launch sales campaigns to customers who have voluntarily asked to be included on that business’s marketing list.

instead of sending e-mails and fliers,

businesses will be able to communicate via text and mobile websites, allowing their customers to interact with their products on-the-go, and via the medium, they feel most comfortable with. Not a lot of businesses have taken advantage of SMS marketing campaigns yet, but the evidence says the trend is strong, and more and more marketers are looking to take advantage of this breakthrough technology.

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