The Answer Is Here; Parents Should Monitor Kids Cell Phones

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National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children

So how to monitor your kids and monitor kids cell phones is necessary for you? Let’s continue our debate from where we left last time; Monitor to kids or not? What do Claire Perry and Rachel Blackwell say? Did you find your reasons to monitor your kids? Still not sure? No worries. Stay with us.

NSPCC, National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, has revealed their recent research and according to that sexting has become a daily routine, almost like a normal text. Girls, even-aged 13, send their nude pictures through smartphones easily and they considered it is as an act of flirtation. And the research further adds that sexting is widespread and no socio-demographic reasons play any role behind it. According to NSPCC, it is highly recommended to monitor kids’ cell phones which is clearly necessary to save them.

Personal smartphone.

Oliver James:

A psychologist and author say that you enter yourself into another world by giving a smartphone to your kid. With that smartphone, kids are off to an adventure where they would like to visit every possible corner. There are pretty many chances of your kid sexting, watching porn, and talking to strangers. Yes, they may not indulge in such activities forever but at least they will try it for some time as it is the greatest charm of owning a personal smartphone.

Oliver James further suggests deciding your monitoring ways on the basis of your kids’ nature and your relationship with them. If you share an open and friendly atmosphere at home then you can go for lenient ways. If you think that your kids are vulnerable and are not close to you then you better get ready for something hostile. It is unlikely they to share any problem with you.

Although Oliver James further adds that there are tons of people online who pretend to be 20 when they are actually 30. No matter how sensible any kid is, s/he won’t be able to separate truth from fakeness. Even if you trust your kids, you can’t simply trust the world out there online. You would have been understood why you need to be aggressive in choosing your monitoring ways for your kids because it’s not your children who you distrust but it’s the whole bunch of abusers ever-present online. To keep your kids, safe from the whole bunch of abusers it is recommended to monitor kids’ cell phones.

Tanya Byron

A psychologist sheds light on the issue from a totally different angle. Tanya Byron shares her growing up time when children were stopped from going outside on streets to play due to health and security reasons. But now with so many parks and sound environments, you often find teenagers outside as they are busy having a blast in the digital world. But parents it’s a serious quandary for you a virtual world is more complex and dangerous than any street in the physical world. According to Tanya Byron, it is essential to monitor kids’ cell phones to give your children the freedom to thrive in an online environment with safeguards built-in.

Mobile phone monitoring software

Whether to monitor kids or not? Now you better know your answer. Just make sure you do not get caught in the process of monitoring. One way is to rely on better sources of monitoring software. Buy mobile phone monitoring software that best suits your needs and wants. There is a number of options available. But you have to find out the best monitoring software that can serve the purpose perfectly. For this reason, you should consider the features of mobile phone monitoring software. A mobile phone monitoring software should have all the features which enable you to make monitoring easy meeting the next generation of online threats. Mobile Spy Software offers the best solution on the globe which is capable of prevents kids from the next generation of online threats.

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