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Email marketing can make you money, fact!
If you are looking for a simple and affordable way to send bulk email then look no further, World Software House has years of experience in email marketing and mass mailing and we have put together some excellent and affordable bulk email software packages, we have software packages for beginners to the professional mailer.

Designed our software programs

Developing your own email marketing campaign does not require a degree in computer programming. All you need is a computer, an Internet connection, and a willingness to succeed. We have designed our software programs to be easy enough for a child to learn – but robust enough to satisfy the most experienced network administrator. If you’re not reaching existing and potential customers or members with your email marketing message, you can be assured that your competition will be. Bulk email marketing has become the preferred method of communication in today’s competitive online marketplace for one reason – bulk email marketing works!

Types of bulk email software packages

There are so many types of bulk email software packages on the market it can get very confusing so we have tried to make this site and our products as easy to use as possible.
We offer two types of software, this site contains our Prospect Software range of software, if 100% anonymity is required for your mailings and you are concerned about spam complaints or your ISP doesn’t have port 25 available then take a look at our Desktop Server Software. You can check if you have port 25 available by downloading a small utility by clicking here

Prospect Software

Order a Prospect bulk email software package and receive 57 million email addresses and a free copy of the manager and text bomber. Our first software range is our Prospect software, this software is ideal for small to medium mailing campaigns where the majority of the email addresses are targeted and harvested with care, we offer 4 different software bundles which will suit most requirements.
Prospect Mailer is a very easy to use desktop mailer, the software was designed so even the beginner could install the software and start to send out emails within a few minutes, it comes with its own HTML composer so you be able to send out professional email newsletters with this very easy to use composer, there is no need to learn HTML as the composer has WYSIWYG technology, (What You See Is What You Get) If you know HTML you also be able to copy and paste the HTML straight into the software.

Desktop Server bulk email software

Order a Desktop Server bulk email software package and receive a list of 50+ proxy servers per day via email completely FREE, for life! Plus we will give you 57 million email addresses and a free copy of the list manager and text bomber. Our second software range is our Desktop Server, Desktop Server 4 will allow you to send 1000s of emails an hour and remain 100% anonymous, you will never have to worry about your ISP closing your connection again. Our bulk email software uses the latest technology to send your emails using either direct send or by using proxy servers, using the proxy send will keep your details private and preventing any spam complaints from being made to your ISP. The software is easy to use, with its own wizard and HTML composer even the novice could get an email out within a few minutes. Most ISPs now block port 25 which was the conventional way of bypassing your ISP’s mail servers, with Desktop Server 4 this isn’t a problem, using the proxy send doesn’t require port 25 to be available which means everyone is now able to send emails to prospects in a private and secure way

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