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We sell the most complete bundle of bulk email marketing software programs available – bar none. Our Prospect bulk email software consists of six separate easy-to-learn programs to accommodate every phase of your bulk email marketing campaign for one low price. No other bulk email software package available on the Internet offers all of these features in one package at any price.

World Software House

World Software House has combined every possible aspect of a bulk email marketing campaign into one convenient package of integrated software programs. You may find other programs out there that cover one or two of these aspects, but none of them offer anywhere near the vast amount of features that our software line offers. In addition, our programmers have incorporated step-by-step wizard screens into our software programs to make them very easy to learn. For less than the cost of just one of our competitor’s programs, you can purchase all of ours.

Depending on what package you order we offer free technical support via email and phone
We offer one of the best software packages around, make sure you take a close look at the full packages we offer. Once you purchase our software you never have to pay a penny again, all upgrades are supplied free of charge for life, when a newer version is released you just come back to the website and download and install the latest copy. What could be better than running the software on 1 machine? Running it on 5 machines! When you order one of the software titles you receive a 5 user license for each of the programs, so you can run your mailing campaign from the office, at home, or even from your laptop.

Email Marketing

Developing your own email marketing campaign does not require a degree in computer programming. All you need is a computer, an Internet connection, and a willingness to succeed. We have designed our bulk email software programs to be easy enough for a child to learn – but robust enough to satisfy the most experienced network administrator. If you’re not reaching existing and potential customers or members with your email marketing message, you can be assured that your competition will be. Bulk email marketing has become the preferred method of communication in today’s competitive online marketplace for one reason – bulk email marketing works!
There are so many types of bulk email software packages on the market it can get very confusing so we have tried to make this site and our products as easy to use as possible.

Prospect bulk email Software

Prospect bulk email software is ideal for in-house emailing campaigns, we offer 3 different bulk email software bundles which will suit most requirements.
Prospect Mailer is a very easy to use desktop mailer, the software was designed so even the beginner could install the software and start to send out emails within a few minutes, it comes with its own HTML composer so you be able to send out professional email newsletters with this very easy to use composer, there is no need to learn HTML as the composer has WYSIWYG technology, (What You See Is What You Get) If you know HTML you also be able to copy and paste the HTML straight into the software.

 A full bulk email software product description.

Our bulk email marketing software programs level the playing field for businesses and organizations wanting to compete on the Internet by giving them access to the same professional email marketing tools that many of the larger businesses use. Email newsletters, opt-in email campaigns, e-zines, and other forms of responsible email marketing are the norm for larger Internet businesses – why not yours? How can you possibly compete with the “big boys” without using the same marketing tools that they are using? We can help you learn how to initiate a responsible bulk email campaign. With our suite of six bulk email software programs, you will have all the tools that you need. Because these programs were designed to be extremely easy to learn and use, your bulk email campaign can be up and running within a few short hours. In addition, our software help files were written in a step-by-step format that even a child could understand and follow.

Bulk email software program

Over the last few years, bulk email marketing has become a big business. Before the Internet evolved, businesses relied on the old adage, “Location, location, location.” In today’s world of e-commerce, the new philosophy has become, “Marketing, marketing, marketing.” Every day new websites are being created, and their owners are realizing that to compete in this new arena they have to look seriously at the concept of email marketing. One day they decide that it’s becoming too difficult to send e-newsletters to their list of 7,000 opt-in customers one-by-one with their Outlook program, and they wake up and realize that they need a bulk email software program.
Bulk email marketing is the most cost-effective advertising method to advertise for successful Internet businesses and organizations. Why aren’t you using bulk email marketing? It may be because you don’t have the proper knowledge and/or tools to do so effectively. Our team of programmers and Internet marketing specialists has spent the last six years developing the most complete line of bulk email marketing software programs available on the Internet. We have covered every basis from sending bulk emails to honoring your remove requests. On this website, you will find the software programs and the step-by-step instructions that you will need to succeed with bulk email marketing.

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