How to Transfer Data From One Pc to Another

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Transfer Data from One Pc to Another.

When it comes to transferring over files from your old computer to the new one you have many options out there. Not all of them are easy but this quick guide should give you some pointers.


One great source is how to transfer files between computers site. They cover many of the basics of doing a data transfer and let you know a little more in-depth about the actual methods you can use.

For those that just have a few hundred pictures or documents, you may find your best option is to just copy them over via a USB thumb drive or burning the data to a CD.

For those that want to transfer over a user profile then you can use the built-in Microsoft Easy Transfer software. Don’t let the name fool you. It oftentimes can be a headache. That is why for people who need to transfer over user-profiles and a ton of other settings your best option is to purchase software to do so. Check out this PC to PC file transfer site for some good pointers and reviews on software.

Some good pointers:

One option many people who are computer savvy can do is just export all their data and then re-install the software on the new machine and import the data back in. This works with IE favorites and other items like Quick Books and Outlook. Refer to the manufactures guide on how to do this or check out how to transfer files between computers some great pointers.

One item we should point out is that not all XP software is compatible with Vista. You should always do a fresh install of the software on Vista and check for any needed updates. Most programs do work well on Vista but you may need an upgrade.

External devices:

As far as external devices like printers and the like you also may need to go to the manufactures website to get the latest drivers and software updates before you can install the printer. If you have Vista you need to make sure you get the correct driver for the version you have. 32 bit or 64bit. You can tell this by right-clicking on the “Computer” icon under the Windows Start Menu and then select “properties”. From there you can see what version you have.

Another item you should be made aware of is how to dispose of your old computer. You should consider donating it to a charity. If you go this route be sure to delete or pull your hard drive.

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