Raise a Child Reader With Children’s Audio Books for Download

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Technology-aided manner of learning.

They say the Net has adverse effects on a child’s attention and learning skills, as it sets off a culture of clutter and noise. According to them, the genuine traditional manner of learning like reading has been traded off to a more dynamic, quick-paced, and technology-aided manner of learning.

Downloadable children’s audiobooks have made waves online, not because it started off a trend but more so because it made reading for children more enjoyable. It’s one great way to mix tradition with technology in bringing back a child’s interest in books and the pleasures of reading. | It’s a good mix of tradition and technology to enhance a child’s interest in reading and the simple pleasures it brings. [/spin]


Downloadable children’s audiobooks can be used in many ways to motivate a child who’s hesitant to read. One manner of using it is by pairing it up with his favorite books to come up with an interactive reading activity with your child. You can try reading the book as you listen to the audio version. This is a great way to correct pronunciation, proper phrasing, and word recognition to make the story more interesting. Listening first then reading afterward can also be done. This aids the child to understand some ambiguous information and get the main idea of what he reads.

audiobook technology:

Make use of audiobook technology and television for your child’s exposure to fluent speech and sight word vocabulary. He can learn these competencies and skills as he watches DVDs with subtitles and also sings, dances, and recites along with the narrator and characters that are found on these Downloadable children’s audiobooks.

After listening to any downloadable children’s audiobooks, your child can read his book aloud as he records his voice all the while. Remember that mimicking is a child’s expertise, particularly those who are toddlers. You can move on to the next step which is to let your child read his own story and record it to make his own audiobook. You can use it the same as a worksheet. While you’re reading it, let your child listen and afterward tell you mispronounced words and incorrect diction. Reward him for every error he finds and another reward when he is able to correct them.

Family reading:

You can have an hour for family reading time every day. Gather your entire family every night, and let each one of them read a paragraph or two after listening to Downloadable children’s audiobooks for a few minutes. You can vote on who’s the greatest reader among the group and reward him with his favorite dish or favorite family activity. It’s a good motivation for a child to do well in reading, especially because every child loves to perform in public. These activities will expose your child to reading as well as public speaking.

The home is a good training ground for children. This training ground can be better when equipped with the right learning aids like Downloadable children’s audiobooks.

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