Kenko Pf-63a Dx 20-50x Spotting Scope

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Kenko does include sports optics in its product category which includes magnifying products for all levels. It also introduces the powerful sports optics categories under binocular, monocular, and spotting scopes. Its product offers stupendous performance and is dedicated to a different set of users when it comes to engineering and quality it seen not to compromise and hence makes products that are durable. Right from the first question as to whether Kenko PF-63a DX 20-50x Angled Spotting Scope is suitable for you till its product features and the architecture, the details are discussed in this review.


The mechanical components along with the design dynamic and the power of observation go hand in hand in this product. Kenko PF-63a DX 20-50x Waterproof Spotting Scope has an angled eyepiece that gives a professional observation. The body is made of highly durable die-cast aluminum which not only protects the interiors but also gives a lightweight device. The size of this product is 343mm in length and it weighs 942 grams. The housing color is black and it has a pull-out type of lens hood.

Magnification Power:

The lens size is 63mm in diameter which is known to be the aperture of this model. This scope is capable of giving variable magnification with the zoom functions which goes from 20 times to 50 times. This magnification is good enough to view distinct objects outdoor and hence it is suitable for any outdoor observation.

Observation Capacity:

The field of view at the distance of 1000m is 29.7m in the magnification of 20x and goes up to 19.2m in the magnification of 50x. In case of close focus, the observation can go up to 10m which is good when observing the moving objects. The brightness delivered ranges from 9.9 to 1.1.

Technical Details:

This model adds comfort for the users with eyeglasses. It shows an eye relief of 12 to 20mm which is on the higher side and enhances the comfort of use. The lens of this model is fully multi-coated which reduces the aberration. When the irregularity is minimized the viewing experience is more joyful and memorable.

Product Features:

At the outset the body makes and the optical quality stands as the outstanding feature. The body made of highly durable die-cast aluminum and fully multi-coated optics means a lot for the user.

The pull-out lens hood allows to easily positioning the eye and hence better observation can be performed. The eyepiece is of interchangeable type and hence the required magnification level can be set.

The waterproof body allows the user prolonged observation and even near the waters as the internal mechanism is well protected with its waterproof finish.

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